Let your conscious be your guide

As tempting as it is during this time of the year, we are resisting the urge to shop big sales. Why must we have 10 of a $5 item when we could have 1 of a beautiful $50 piece? The economics just don’t make sense to us…

We come out of a time that is traditional for giving, a time of gratitude and a time with family. There isn’t anything as wonderful as feeling full of life with the important things in life. This whole message is taking us back to Matt D’Avella’s 2015 documentary, Minimalism. #MinimalismFilm

The idea that there is a whole community that is dedicated to rejecting the classic American ideal we grew up with that things bring happiness is inspiring. Happiness and wholeness does not equal things. And this comes from three ladies in our 30’s who all grew up with this American ideal and likes pretty things. We love our pretty things. But what if we committed ourselves to fewer, beautiful things that are quality enough to last the years to come and continue to bring us joy, use after use? What if we saved our pennies for something that’s just a little bit more in price so that when we finally get to buy it, it’s more of an accomplishment than a frivolous spur of the moment purchase?

So we encourage everyone to shop smart this post-Holiday season and beyond. Support small and local and don’t give into the pressure to buy, just because it is on sale.