New name, who dis?

Welcome to mave - 

To be honest, when Tricia, Valerie and I started Ursa Major in 2016, we had our challenges in naming our business. It's our baby and we wanted to make sure it had the best name possible. As the products took shape and launch came closer and closer, we realized we had to pick from the shortlist pretty quick to establish what the world would call us: Ursa Major was born. 

We loved that it was not only a nod to the big bear mascot of California, but also that is one of our favorite constellations in the big sky, up high. We felt belittled, but empowered, by the journey and challenge that our business is jumping into and felt that "Ursa Major" encompassed all those feelings of where we were. 

Today, at the beginning of 2019, we've learned a few things about ourselves, the world and our business. Our mission has not changed. We still seek out naturally derived, sustainable, and hardworking fabrics that not only look good, but feel good on you and do good for the environment. But now we are focused on growth and expanding our mission outwards and bring our learnings of what you - our customers, our people, our tribe - want from our products. Melissa will be leading the charge and heavily leaning on Tricia and Valerie to get us there. 

While our company will still be Ursa Major Inc., mave will be the name of our eco-friendly clothing line. And with a new name, we also re-position and re-brand. mave spoke to us in a big way. We are mavens, renegades and mavericks. What we are trying to achieve is a big endeavor: we are trying to shift consumer behavior. In Gaelic, the baby name means "joyous" and in Danish/Norwegian its the tummy, abdomen or belly. Being true to yourself, your gut, is at the heart of our brand and company.

So why mave? Come along with us as follow our gut.