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SFMade Week 2017

We're so excited to be a part of SFMade Week 2017! Earlier this year, we joined the amazing community of SFMade. We were really drawn to it's mission to build and support a vibrant manufacturing sector in San Francisco. They want to support and sustain companies producing locally-made products - just like us! Not only that, but they also seek to create employment opportunities for a diverse local workforce.  And we joined the likes of Anchor Brewing, Etta+Billie, and many more local San Francisco businesses we admire and adore.  This year, SFMade Week will feature over 40 local manufacturers hosting pop-ups, sales, factory tours, and classes. To celebrate, we'll be offering 20% off the entire site! Just use promo code [SFMADE2017]...

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From our Aloha Studio: The Design Process

We all experience the world through material culture. Objects can be made to assist, protect, delight and nourish. I have always been drawn to color, pattern and texture- especially on cloth. These elements have always had the power to change the way I feel, how I see myself and others. Though its seems that my external and internal worlds are constantly evolving my design process has essentially remained the same. The boldness of a print or the drape of a fabric has always been the spark that leads to something real and tangible.   As designer for Ursa Major however, the design process starts with you! Using my visual inspirations in conjunction with the needs of today’s woman is the...

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Today's a Day for Women

When we came together as co-founders to talk about a social initiative we are collectively passionate about, women came to mind. Rehabilitating women, empowering women, celebrating elderly women, providing care and education for the offspring of women. It is safe to say the three of us as passionate about the success of women. Our finance partner, Kiva, reminded us how impactful women have become in the small business world as well as in their communities. Did you know that women-owned businesses are one of the fastest growing segments in the US? Over the past 10 years, women-owned businesses grew at 45% compared to overall business growth of 9%. While the number of women-owned businesses has grown drastically, the banks have...

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