Why Pre-Orders?

A year ago today, we launched by offering pre-orders of our core collection of bamboo basics. First off: can you believe it’s been a year?!?! Secondly, you may be wondering why we launched our business by taking pre-orders.

We started Ursa Major with a passion for this super-fabric we found - bamboo cotton - and to deliver quality products that’ll last you a long time. We were so passionate about this fabric and the vision of the company that we bootstrapped! We wanted to make sure we made our personal investment bring the most to you, our customers, and we ensured that we’d be very thoughtful and intentional about our decisions.

No Waste

We wanted to make sure that we only produced what people wanted. We didn’t want to overproduce and one: have product just sit there, or two: have product that people didn’t love and end up not using!

Data Gathering

We used this time (over a 2 week period) to data collect. Through pre-ordering, we were able to get info and insight on what people wanted. What colors? What sizes? What styles? This not only informed us more about what our customer wants, but also informed our next production run and what we should make.

Would we have launched Ursa Major any other way? No. Way.

Now that we are up and running, we feel 100% informed of what you want and we constantly want to hear from you of other products you’d like to see or other super fabrics you’d like for us to explore.