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Why Bamboo.

In October 2015, I was sparked with the possibility of exploring alternative fabrics to cotton. Not because I was allergic, not because I needed to for any reason but because I asked “why”. Why was it that cotton is the “fabric of our lives”? Why is everything that we use and consider essential to our lives made from cotton (and plastic, but that’s a whole other story!)? Once I set aside 30 minutes a day for the next 10 months to research and fulfill my ask of “why”, there was without a doubt that I needed to build our first collection from bamboo rayon cotton. First off, bamboo is an extremely strong material. It grows like weeds in its native...

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Our 2016 Gift Guide

‘Tis the season of giving and we have you consciously covered. We’ve curated a gift guide that’s local and ethical to ensure that your loved ones are well-thought of and taken care of. Sourcing from local artisan, cool brands and stylish pieces, here’s Our *first* holiday Gift Guide. Happy browsing - it’s time to mindfully shop! 1/ Ursa Major Tent Dress - Perfect for dazzling it up and comfy for those fireside hangs, our Tent Dress is flowy and stylish made from our bamboo rayon cotton. 2/ Kurandza Tote Bag - These tote bags have a beautiful blue design with cream and brown accents. They are handmade from traditional capulana wax-print cotton fabric with muslin lining. 3/ Mathus HoldAll and...

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Our Thanks to You.

We can’t believe we’re here. The holidays are a time to give thanks and as we reflect back, we have a lot to be thankful for. Just two months in and we definitely feel the love. We truly believe that we have and will continuously be blown away by the support and praise from you, our customers. Without you, our existence, our mission and our vision will not and cannot be realized. We literally cannot do it without you. Thank you for making us who we are. We wanted to take this opportunity to celebrate you. Here are some love notes from us to you: Thank you, Becky. You and your community are such amazingly stylish inspirations for us. Shop...

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