Our Story

In a world where fashion moves quickly, we’ve chosen to slow down and ask “why”.

Why is cotton “the fabric of our lives”? Why is quality always sacrificed for price? Why are ethics compromised for style? And why hasn't anybody stopped to find a better, more responsible way to create clothing?

We aren’t afraid to ask “why”, because we believe in wearing your heart and your values on your sleeve — literally.

We seek out naturally derived, sustainable, and hardworking fabrics that not only look good, but feel good on you and do good for the environment.

We resist the churn of fast fashion by creating well-made and timeless wardrobe staples, with prices that reflect our valuable relationship with our suppliers and factories.

But most importantly, we believe that the stylish consumer and the conscious consumer can be one and the same.

And that's why at Ursa Major, we'll never stop asking "why".